Soothing Pain in Children: 4 Reasons Stuffed Animals Help


A stuffed animal is often more than just an inanimate toy made of straw or cotton or bean; it becomes an item that has grave meaning and significance in our lives. The object acts as a companion for security, facilitated by a dependency learned from a young age, accompanying the owner from doctor’s office appointments to bed. Here are four reasons these favored possessions soothe pain through the ages, acting as both a source of distraction as well as comfort. (more…)

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Stuck in a Polar Vortex? Here Are a Dozen Ways Kids and Parents Can Have Fun Inside!

Thanks to the combination of record lows this winter, the Internet, and Xbox, the art of making up your own indoor fun is an art that’s almost lost on today’s kids. Almost — but not quite. For creative parents who want to show their kids that there’s plenty of fun to be had inside without electronic stimulation, here are twelve suggestions for indoor games parents, kids, and siblings can enjoy together. (more…)

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20 Fun Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Dinosaur Picturestuffed brachiosaurus dinosaur

If you spend much time around young kids, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that a lot of them find dinosaurs absolutely fascinating. If you don’t spend much time around kids, just look at the massive success of The Land Before Time franchise (now on its 13th film, in addition to two sing-along albums, seven video games, and a television series) and the recent PBS series Dinosaur Train.

If you’ve got a dinosaur fanatic in your life, check out our list of fun dinosaur facts to share with him or her the next time you’re together:  (more…)

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Book

3 Classic Bedtime Stories to Read to Your Kids

3 Classic Bedtime Stories to Read to Your Kids There are plenty of new children’s books on the market that are wonderful, well-illustrated, fun to read out-loud and great for bedtime stories. Some of the best bedtime stories, however, remain the same ones that today’s moms and dads might remember from their own childhoods. Here […]

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Little {Douglas} Heroes

Here at Douglas Company we get daily reviews, calls, emails and stories from our customers. Often they are about how much they love the softness, quality and overall cuddle-worthy-ness of our product. Sometimes they are about a product they wish we could create or one in which we could improve upon. Always, we are grateful […]

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How to Pick the Right Stuffed Animal for Your Child

Stuffed animals always make great gifts; kids love them! However, stuffed animals come in a nearly endless array of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and species. Picking the one that will become your child’s perfect friend can seem challenging. If you’re stuck in the toy aisle or surfing the internet wondering how to select the stuffed […]

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5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals are a universal staple of any child’s bedroom. In fact, if a child has only one toy, it’s likely to be a stuffed animal. From tigers to penguins to dogs to elephants, the fluffy dolls come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any taste. Even in an age of fancy LEGO […]

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